New horror RPG scenario

I finally had time to take all my notes for the last scenario I wrote and format them properly in a nice PDF so people can read it and enjoy it.

It’s a horror scenario set in 1914 London, where the protagonists are suffragettes (the radical branch of the suffragist movement). The themes are oppression, feminism and class warfare, but you can play as a random horror/investigation scenario without caring about the underlying themes. In any case, this scenario is for adults, so please don’t play it with younger players without first reworking and adapting it.

I have added a list of resources at the end of the text. It’s obviously not everything I read or took ideas from when I wrote it, but it’s a pretty good starting point that will help narrators retell this story with more context and depth.

This is the first, and so far only, scenario I have run with Lyre, and I think it worked fairly well. Without further ado, enjoy Suffragettes.