Book review: Clojure Cookbook

I just finished “Clojure Cookbook”, a book full of recipes for all kinds of things you can do with the Clojure programming language. I got the book through O’Reilly’s Reader Review Program. Obviously the book is not for you if you don’t know any Clojure, but I think it’s great if you know some Clojure but still wonder how to do relatively basic tasks, or want to see how common libraries are used, or want to see idiomatic Clojure solutions to everyday problems.

The book is divided in different sections ranging from basic data structures to network I/O, performance and production tips or testing. Each section has a number of recipes in the form of small problems together with solutions and a detailed explanation of the solution, as well as caveats or things you should take into account when solving that kind of problem. In a book like this is inevitable that you’re not going to care much about certain sections (in my case, I didn’t care much for distributed computation and I don’t find database access that exciting), but in general the book is very clear, the explanations concise, the code to the point and the recipes useful and varied.

In a nutshell, very good if you know some Clojure but want to learn more about how to solve everyday programming problems elegantly with Clojure.