Faster than the fastest

These are interesting times in the browser world: not only there are more browsers than ever, but now even Internet Explorer is starting to become competitive again, so in a year or two it might not even be safe to assume that every other browser is better. Go figure.

So anyway, recently Opera released 10.60, which is awesome news because finally Linux has a modern stable release, because of the amount of new eye candy in the UI, the new supported web standards (like Geolocation or WebM video, yay!) and… because of the amazing speed (“much faster than a potato”).

On Saturday, DailyTech published an article comparing the speed of several browsers, Opera 10.60 included. Obviously the conclusion was that Opera is the fastest (I wouldn’t link to that article from this post if it wasn’t the case, would I? :-P), and shortly after reading that, I came across this hilarious video that sort of follows up on that:

I mean, the video even mentions Opera Link, I have to like it :-P (although yeah, the claim is not correct, Chrome does have something similar). My favourite quotes are:

  • “You promised innovation, but look at Opera!”

  • “Maybe Opera is hiring”

And the second reminded me that yes, we are hiring!