Book review: slide:ology

I have to say I wasn’t sure about buying this book, especially after seeing some video on YouTube called “Book Brief”. Fortunately, after mentions in a couple of places I finally decided to go for it. My advice is don’t watch the “book brief” video, and do read the book if you’re interested in presentations. If you’re really into videos, you can go to the slide:ology O’Reilly site for a much better one.

The core of the book is about what’s wrong with many presentations. The points are made in a clear way and there is a lot of useful advice to improve your presentations and your slides. There are many examples, some of the most enlightening ones being of the “before and after” type.

After reading the book I felt I had learned a bunch of useful things, so I decided to go over the slides for a talk I had prepared but not given yet, to try to improve them. Looking at them with a new perspective made some of the problems evident. Also, I felt that correcting those problems wasn’t very hard: the hard part was seeing them in the first place.

I have to say I’m very happy with both the book and the results of having gone through my slides. I totally recommend slide:ology if you want to learn more about presentations and how to prepare slides.