Proprietary vs open: a new hope

There is something that has been bothering me for quite a long time now: while I realise that Sony is often evil and proprietary (I mean, come on, memory stick? the horrible, horrible PS2 memory “cards”? the draconian sharing terms for the online PS3 network?), there is something that attracts me to their products. I own a PlayStation 2, a Sony Ericsson phone, and I may even buy a PlayStation Portable.

The PlayStation 2, well, it had all the games I wanted to play when I bought it (the Prince of Persia series, ProEvolution soccer, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus and God of War), it was cheaper than the alternatives and it had a ridiculous amount of second hand games and websites with reviews. The phone I bought mostly because of a recommendation, but actually I find other brands stupid and confusing, so I really like it and my next phone might be another Sony Ericsson. The PlayStation Portable… well, the DS is awesome in many ways, I realise that, but again the games I want to play (God of War, Patapon, LocoRoco, Echochrome, Katamari Damacy) are all for PSP.

There’s something similar with Apple. Some of their products (most? all?) look awesome, and I’m sure they’re awesome in many ways… but I can’t stand that they’re so closed in their own world. So far I haven’t bought anything from them, and when I read certain news I’m really happy that I haven’t. That’s more or less why it bothers me that the iPhone is so successful and that no vendor seemed to be able to do anything about it… until I saw the HTC Hero.

I haven’t used it myself (only played with it a bit and seen some videos), but it looks seriously good. According to these videos it’s still a bit rough around the edges compared to the iPhone, but it has more functionality, the same kind of app store (only open) and based on Android. I’m not sure what else I could ask for. Ah, yes: a couple of models more so they can polish it further :-) So I wonder if the Android platform, through HTC Hero and similar phones, will allow me and others to escape Sony (and Apple) on the phone arena.

Now, I only have to find some “open” portable console that will allow me to play PSP games ;-P