The ultimate TODO app

UPDATE: Bubug hasn’t been maintained for a long time and is now deprecated, sorry. The closest equivalent I have to a TODO application is Wiki-toki, my personal Wiki program.

I have been quite frustrated by TODO applications for some months now. They’re usually either too simple, or almost too complex and without features that I think are really valuable. In particular, there are two things that I don’t remember having seen in any TODO application:

  1. Possibility to “postpone” a task, so it doesn’t appear in the main view for a defined time.

  2. Possibility to associate a task to a “person to nag”.

When you have a lot of small tasks to do, and they are not the kind of things you put in a BTS (say, stuff that you have to do that is not really connected to some project’s code) I think these two features are really useful, and I was surprised that no applications I saw seemed to have those. I mean, don’t people have the same problems as me?

That’s why, as I had mentioned, I started writing my own TODO application: I’d have what I wanted, and I’d learn a thing or two about Merb, DataMapper and jQuery. The application has several design limitations that I used to simplify things, like not having any notion of users (single user app without authentication) or supporting only a “title” for the tasks, without any longer description. It isn’t something I really plan to publish for other people to use (I mean, the code is in my Darcs repo, I’m just not going to make a project page for it or anything like that), so I don’t really care how much it fits other people’s needs :-)

As it is a pet project and I didn’t really mind how long it would take to finish it, I started by making some mockup of the application in HTML (+ a bit of Javascript with jQuery), and once I was happy, I started with the actual design and code. I think some parts of the code are nice, and it has some Ajax sweetness, but I admit I haven’t used it yet for myself: only as a kind of underpowered BTS for the application. Maybe I’ll upload some screenshot some day. In the meantime, feel free to download and try it out ;-)