Some weeks ago, Steve from Cranium Designs mentioned a website, Kiva.org. He linked to a very interesting video that showed how it works, and a couple of things really got me interested:

  1. The whole lending-money-to-people-who-need-it (and to whom banks will probably not lend) really attracted me. You help communities develop, and you don’t even lose money, because it’s a loan.

  2. It seems that they really know who you’re lending money to. They make complete profiles (including pictures) of all the people, they follow up on every change in the loan, etc.

So I started digging a bit, and said “what the hell”, and created an account. So far I have only lent money to one person, and I’m waiting to see how it goes and how much information you get. For now I know the person has received my money, and with that and the money from other people she has all she needs to buy a new oven for pastries for her shop :-)

I suggest you go and have a look at Kiva.org, and create an account and lend some money if you like the idea. I have added a banner to the sidebar just now to show my support :-)