Irrepressible information

I just remembered something really cool that I had on my previous blog: a small box that shows information that “someone doesn’t want people to read”. It’s part of a brilliant campaign called “Irrepressible info” by Amnesty International. Many of you know that I’m very Amnesty-friendly (“supporter” might be too strong a word, since I’m not really doing much apart from being a member), and I think this campaign is just pure awesomeness.

The idea is very simple: you take texts that have been blocked in some country and allow people to show them in their own websites. It’s a simple but poweful way of showing your rejection for censorship and your support for freedom of expression. As for what you have to do to join the campaign, it couldn’t be simpler. You just have to copy some Javascript code from the instructions page and you’re set.

I have of course added the information box to the sidebar, under the “Irrepressible info” header.