The shoemaker's son always goes barefoot

I admit it. I’m a terrible developer. I write code, sometimes even write tests.

But. I. don’t. test. my. programs.

By hand, that is. And sometimes (usually) the coverage is not enough, and I end up making embarrassing mistakes. It usually happens outside of work, although at work I also have my share. The last one was with the Debian package dhelp, where trying to fix an issue before Lenny is released, I ended up making it even worse. The story goes like this:

There was some problem with the indexing of documents on installation/upgrade (namely, it would take ages for most people upgrading to Lenny, and they would think the upgrade process had hung). So, I go and change the indexing code so it ignores documents on installation/upgrade. Also, as suggested by someone, I created some small example utility to reindex documentation for certain packages. I test installation, upgrades, upgrade of the dhelp package itself, the utility, searching for keywords before and after all that… and everything worked.

Only that I made a typo. A typo that would make all indexing to be ignored (except for the example utility, because it was a bit lower level). And I didn’t realise, because it “only” broke some cronjob, a completely different part of the package. And it happens that the cronjob reindexed everything weekly, to make sure that you had reasonably up-to-date search indices. And it also happens that, given that the documentation reindexing was being ignored on package installation/upgrade, the weekly total reindex process was the only thing that could provide the user with indexed documentation. But I screwed up. Oh well.

Someone filed a bug yesterday, and I fixed more or less right away. But this time I spent a couple of hours thinking of test paths and ways to make it fail, and actually doing all that testing. Thanks to that, I found some potential bug in the example utility, that I fixed just in case. So hopefully everything is fine now, if I can convince the Release Masters to allow the new, less broken update to dhelp to be accepted for Lenny.

I think I need personal QA. Anyone up to the task?