Comic hunting

Some time ago (probably a couple of years) I learned about a couple of TMNT issues that I wanted to read. Yes, that means “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. I never thought I would want to read a TMNT comic, let alone paying for it, but there you go. The reason why I wanted to read those issues were some amazing drawings by a very talented artist. Also, that apparently the story was much more “mature”. Presumably it just got the idea of four turtle-like creatures (anthropomorphising them in a somewhat natural way, a bit like Blacksad), and he added some amazing art to support the story.

The problem was, I had forgotten about the title of the comic and the artist name… and I didn’t have the bookmark (if I had had Opera Link at the time, that would not have happened; but I digress). So, a couple of weeks ago I got really obsessed with it, and I decided to look for it again. After a couple of hours to fruitless search, I finally found it. It was Soul’s Winter, by the incredible Michael Zulli (official page, Wikipedia), also author of “Delicate Creatures”, The Puma Blues and some work on The Sandman. Have a look at the art in the issues themselves.

Once I had the title of the comic, I started looking for it. Unfortunately, in the first couple of shops I tried, it was out of stock. Then I found it on Hill City Comics, and I decided to buy two more comics (some weird Indian-God-themed ones). The site doesn’t look completely professional to me, so I decided to pay via PayPal instead of giving my credit card number. However, I didn’t receive any information as to which address should I make the payment to. I waited for a couple of days just in case, and then I sent an e-mail, but it seems that the SPAM problems they talk about are really serious ;-)

I think I’ll pass on the telephone call, so I decided to just go to another shop. I won’t have the indian comics, but what the hell. The second shop I found is called MARSimport, and it looks much more professional than the first one. Also, they have “From Cloud 99: Memories Part One” from Yslaire, so I think that’ll compensate for the indian ones ;-)

I haven’t ordered yet, but I will soon. Wish me luck :-)