More Haberdasher: testsuites and RemixUI

After porting Haberdasher to Rails 2, I had forgotten to execute all the testsuites I had (unit, functional and acceptance, with Selenium and Selenium on Rails). The bad news is that they didn’t pass. The good news is that it wasn’t such a big problem making them pass again.

The functional tests failed because of some stupid change in Rails 2. Namely, it seems that now you can’t make more than one request in a single functional test method (bug?). The acceptance tests had some minor problems due to some changes I made in the interface. The rest worked without problems.

Now that everything is ported and working like a charm, it’s time to make some interesting changes. I had been wanting to use a really cool library called RemixUI, made by my former company, Fotón Sistemas Inteligentes, and these days I finally had the chance to use the latest version. RemixUI is a “web widget” library, similar to DJWidgets, MCWidgets and RemixWidgets (all of them available in the Fotón BerliOS page, but unfortunately obsolete), that makes it much easier to write validation, integration between client side and server side, interface improvements with Javascript, reusable widgets/controls, etc.

I haven’t used it that much yet, but I’m really eager to change all the forms and controls in the application to take advantage of the cool stuff offered by RemixUI. The problem now is that the RemixUI gem is not public yet, so I can’t really release the new version of Haberdasher. I’ll try to make them put the Gem somewhere public, so I can release Haberdasher, and other people can have a look at RemixUI.