Haberdasher and Rails 2.0

I’m kind of back to Haberdasher work, so I’m playing again with Rails. However, I’m a very late adopter for many things, and that included Rails because I wasn’t that interested in investing time in learning all the new stuff and porting my applications to the new version.

But the universe had its own ideas about Rails 2.0 and me, so I had some retarded compatibility problems with Haberdasher and the up-to-date rake utility version in Debian. The problems were related to some Rails plugins I was using, and they made me have a look at upgrading to Rails 2.0 from Rails 1.2. It turned out to be really easy to do, the hardest by far was replacing the plugins that gave problems with application code or other plugins (yes, I know that if I was going to get rid of them anyway, I might as well have stayed in Rails 1.2, I just thought it was a good idea to upgrade if I was going to resume Haberdasher development).

To be honest I haven’t really learned new stuff yet. I’m just using the same things I was using, only now powered by Rails 2.0. A couple of improvements/clean ups in syntax, deprecated code removal and similar, but nothing big yet.

The other news is that now that I have a working Haberdasher again, I’m making some changes I had in mind since months ago, namely adding some user preferences “framework”, and adding the ability to assign a copyright notice to the patches (with a configurable default notice per user, hence the user preferences). I haven’t published this work yet, but I plan to do it in a couple of days, after updating the demo installation and checking that everything’s alright.