Big changes in dhelp

As I said earlier, now the fun stuff begins :-) I have been working with dhelp these days, and there are a couple of things I have changed already:

  • I have dropped support for the dhelp-specific .dhelp files. Now I just use the doc-base information directly (until now, doc-base had to convert its own format to dhelp, which was a bad things for several reasons, one of them losing important information in the process).

  • I have changed the indexing code so it now indexes the actual documentation content, instead of the documentation directory generated by dhelp.

  • I have rewritten most of the HTML used in the searches and in the documentation directory so it’s nicer and easier to modify (e.g. no more <font> or similar obsolete tags).

While working on the indexing changes, I have been playing with swish+++, an indexing engine. Seems really useful, although some options are not that obvious, and I haven’t been able to use extract++ to extract the text according to the file format (e.g. skipping HTML tags in HTML). I’ll keep trying…

Hopefully, the package will be ready for release in a week or so…