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First impressions of Elm

For my next pet project I decided to learn Elm. Elm is a functional language similar to Haskell, that compiles to JavaScript. These are my first impressions so take them with a grain of salt. Syntax Elm’s syntax is similar to Haskell’s. I had tried to learn Haskell a long time ago but failed miserably because […]

First impressions of Elixir + Phoenix

I had been curious about Elixir for some time. After all, the promise of having the best of Erlang with a more palatable syntax was very attractive indeed. A couple of days ago I finally finished a small project in Elixir using the Phoenix web framework, which is a sort of “Elixir on Rails”. These are my first […]

Music Explorer

Lately I’ve worked on several small projects, mostly to learn new technologies. The newest one is music-related: a piano that shows scales and chords “in context”, to learn and explore music theory. The idea came about because my first instrument was the guitar, and music theory is pretty hard to make sense of when you’re […]

Javascript for n00bs

Recently a friend asked me for an easy way to learn JavaScript. I can’t remember how I learned myself, but I do remember some things that were surprising coming from other languages, or that I had guessed wrong or took me a while to understand for whatever reason, despite not really being complicated at all. As […]

Small experiments with Cherokee

A couple of weeks ago I decided to move my wiki (see Wiki-Toki on GitHub) and my package repository (see Arepa on CPAN) over to a new machine. The idea was to move it to some infrastructure I “controlled” myself and was paying for (mainly inspired by the blog post “A Set of Tenets I […]

Book review: Javascript Web Applications

This is my review of “Javascript Web Applications” by Alex MacCaw, part of the O’Reilly Blogger Review Program (in a nutshell: you can choose an ebook from a given selection, and you get it for free if you make a review and post it in any consumer site). It’s a book about using Javascript to […]

Opera Unite: another milestone

So we finally managed to get some public release of Opera Unite out of the door. That was a really good thing, first because it’s a very cool idea and we had to let others play with it and make it evolve, and second because it was painful keeping a secret for so long ;-) […]

Work-related news

Some time ago, Opera announced the Opera Web Standards Curriculum project. It’s a very interesting collection of articles that can be used as “curriculum” to learn about web development. It gets extra geeks points for using a Creative Commons license for the articles themselves. Even the W3C mentioned it :-) I just found some time […]