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Goodbye Typo, Hello WordPress!

As I had mentioned several times, I had been frustrated with Typo. Several bugs or misfeatures that really annoyed me, upgrades that had frustrated me, and sometimes the feeling that more or less visible things were broken from time to time in new releases. And while the upgrade problems were mostly because of the need […]

Typo upgrade

I have upgraded to Typo 5.4.1. Partly because of security issues, partly because of new features and improvements. It took me a while, mostly because of stupid Ruby deployment nonsense that makes me even more tired of Ruby as a language for production usage, than I already was. Oh well. One of the most important […]

Another Typo upgrade

I just upgraded the blog to Typo 5.2. I had a couple of issues, but things worked reasonably ok. Just in case this helps anyone, these are the issues I ran into: I had to install a ridiculous amount of dependencies, sometimes to go from version 1.1.1 to 1.1.3 of some module. I really wonder […]

Typo upgrade

Hey there! I have just upgraded Typo. It was slightly traumatic, because at first the blog broke horribly and I couldn’t see anything other than errors 500. To be fair, the change was quite big, because it included also an upgrade to Rails 2 (I was using some older Typo that used Rails 1.2.x), so […]