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Another Typo upgrade

I just upgraded the blog to Typo 5.2. I had a couple of issues, but things worked reasonably ok. Just in case this helps anyone, these are the issues I ran into: I had to install a ridiculous amount of dependencies, sometimes to go from version 1.1.1 to 1.1.3 of some module. I really wonder […]

Problems with comments

Today, my good friend “Esberrito” warned me that comments were not working in the blog. I hadn’t realised earlier, but I had them enabled so they should have appeared all the time. I investigated a bit, and it turns out that there’s some bug (apparently related to saving a post as draft, then publishing) that […]

Sucky Typo update

The other day I was talking about upgrading Typo. The update itself went well, true, and the site was up and running without too much downtime, but then I started using it again… and I have noticed two things so far (both about writing posts) that I really dislike: First, the good old editor is […]

Typo upgrade

Hey there! I have just upgraded Typo. It was slightly traumatic, because at first the blog broke horribly and I couldn’t see anything other than errors 500. To be fair, the change was quite big, because it included also an upgrade to Rails 2 (I was using some older Typo that used Rails 1.2.x), so […]