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Tips for writing story-centric RPG scenarios

Inspired by similar articles I have read, I decided to give my two cents on writing scenarios for role-playing games. While I’m far from being an expert in the matter, let alone a half-decent writer, I have written several scenarios that seem to have clicked with some people. These are my principles when writing story-centric […]

Book summary: 2k to 10k

This is my summary of the book “2k to 10k: Writing Faster, Writing Better, and Writing More of What You Love” by Rachel Aaron. It’s a very short e-book (also available as audio book) with tips for writers. It’s only $0.99 so definitely worth the money and the time if you’re looking for some writing advice […]

Unit testing advice for seasoned hackers (2/2)

This is the second part of my unit testing advice. See the first part on this blog. If you need any introduction you should really read the first part. I’ll just present the other three ideas I wanted to cover. Focusing on common cases This consists of testing only/mostly common cases. These tests rarely fail […]

Unit testing advice for seasoned hackers (1/2)

When reviewing tests written by other people I see patterns in the improvements I would make. As I realise that these “mistakes” are also made by experienced hackers, I thought it would be useful to write about them. The extra push to write about this now was having concrete examples from my recent involvement in Tor, […]

Hugin and small, silly mencoder tip

From time to time I like making panorama pictures. When I started several years ago, Autostitch was really popular, but it didn’t have a Linux version, which sucked. Actually, it still doesn’t. However, it worked under wine, so I just used it via emulation. It was very simple and worked ok. Sometimes I’d look for […]

GPG confusion

Today I was playing with GnuPG, trying to add a couple of public keys to an “external” keyring (some random file, not my own keyring). Why? you ask. Well, I was preparing some Debian package containing GPG keys for APT repository signing (like debian-archive-keyring and such). The point is, I was really confused for quite […]

Spam adventures

Today I have had a gigantic e-mail spam attack. And by “gigantic” I mean something like one every couple of seconds. It seems to have stopped by now, though (maybe until tomorrow, sigh). However, there is some small tip that I used in the meantime, and I have found it helps me filtering spam so […]