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Unit testing advice for seasoned hackers (2/2)

This is the second part of my unit testing advice. See the first part on this blog. If you need any introduction you should really read the first part. I’ll just present the other three ideas I wanted to cover. Focusing on common cases This consists of testing only/mostly common cases. These tests rarely fail […]

Unit testing advice for seasoned hackers (1/2)

When reviewing tests written by other people I see patterns in the improvements I would make. As I realise that these “mistakes” are also made by experienced hackers, I thought it would be useful to write about them. The extra push to write about this now was having concrete examples from my recent involvement in Tor, […]

LeakFeed and <angular/>

A couple of week ago I discovered LeakFeed, an API to fetch cables from Wikileaks. I immediately thought it would be cool to play a bit with it and create some kind of application. After a couple of failed ideas that didn’t really take off, I decided to exploit my current enthusiasm for Javascript and […]

From pseudo-code to code

This post is probably not about what you’re thinking. It’s actually about automated testing. Different stuff I’ve been reading or otherwise been exposed to in the last weeks has made me reach a sort of funny comparison: code is (or can be) like science. You come up with some “theory” (your code) that explains something […]

Feeling the pressure produces better code?

The other day I was in a conversation with some developer that was complaining about some feature. He claimed that it was too complex and that it had led to tons of bugs. In the middle of the conversation, the developer said that the feature had been so buggy that he ended up writing a […]

Slides for several talks now published

I had said that I was going to publish the slides for a couple of talks I had given over the last couple of months, and I just got around to actually do it, so here they are: Software automated testing 123, an entry-level talk about software automated testing. Why you should be doing it […]

More Haberdasher: testsuites and RemixUI

After porting Haberdasher to Rails 2, I had forgotten to execute all the testsuites I had (unit, functional and acceptance, with Selenium and Selenium on Rails). The bad news is that they didn’t pass. The good news is that it wasn’t such a big problem making them pass again. The functional tests failed because of […]