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Unit testing advice for seasoned hackers (2/2)

This is the second part of my unit testing advice. See the first part on this blog. If you need any introduction you should really read the first part. I’ll just present the other three ideas I wanted to cover. Focusing on common cases This consists of testing only/mostly common cases. These tests rarely fail […]

Unit testing advice for seasoned hackers (1/2)

When reviewing tests written by other people I see patterns in the improvements I would make. As I realise that these “mistakes” are also made by experienced hackers, I thought it would be useful to write about them. The extra push to write about this now was having concrete examples from my recent involvement in Tor, […]

My short experience with GNOME 3

After not having blogged about anything but book summaries lately, I thought it was about time to write something else :-) EDIT: Added the last point, the most important one! I had been thinking of trying out GNOME 3 since it was released. For a number of reasons, I only managed to give it a try […]

Book summary: Pragmatic Thinking & Learning (III)

This is the third and last part of my summary of Pragmatic Thinking & Learning, by Andy Hunt. See parts one and two on this same blog. This part will cover chapters “Gain experience”, “Manage Focus” and “Beyond Expertise”. Gain experience Your brain is made to learn by exploring and building mental models on your […]

Book summary: Pragmatic Thinking & Learning (II)

This is the second part of my summary of Andy Hunt’s “Pragmatic Thinking & Learning”. See the first part on this blog. This part will cover chapters ”Get in Your Right Mind”, “Debug Your Mind” and ”Learn Deliberately”. Get in Your Right Mind A good way to involve your brain more is to use more […]

Book summary: Pragmatic Thinking & Learning

This is the first part of my summary of “Pragmatic Thinking & Learning“, by Andy Hunt. It’s a book about how the brain works and how to take more advantage of it. It explores many interesting topics, like learning, focusing, the brain modes of operation, etc. Do note that I’ll skip many techniques/lessons in the […]

My first contributions to CPAN

I have been using Perl for many years, but I had never uploaded anything to CPAN. That’s unfortunate, because I’ve probably written several programs or modules that could have been useful for other people. The point is, now I have. Not only that, but it was code I wrote at work, so if I’m not […]

Free software rocks!

I’ve been working on something lately that I hope I will publish sometime next month: it’s a set of tools to manage an APT package repository. The idea is that, given an upload queue (you can set it up as an anonymous FTP, or some directory accessible via SSH/SCP, or whatever floats your boat in […]

Software patents. Yet yet yet yet YET YET again

One week ago (but I just noticed), FFII published this press release about McCreevy trying to legalise Software Patents. I haven’t had time to read the whole thing, but this is just amazing. I mean, doesn’t Mr. McCreevy get fucking bored, if nothing else? We don’t want your filthy software patents. We have said so […]

Free Software rocks

I just read in Aaron Seigo’s blog a very nice message from a user that proves that free software is making a difference in many areas, even in some that we don’t usually think about. Some quote: I cant tell you how much I appreciate the work you all have done. Its a work of […]