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Typo upgrade

I have upgraded to Typo 5.4.1. Partly because of security issues, partly because of new features and improvements. It took me a while, mostly because of stupid Ruby deployment nonsense that makes me even more tired of Ruby as a language for production usage, than I already was. Oh well. One of the most important […]

Recent pet projects + Git + Github

I had mentioned that I was learning Javascript to write a Kiva Opera widget. Some time ago I released the first version of my World Loanmeter widget, and I have uploaded two more since. Not much has happened between the first and the third release from the user POV, but a couple of things were […]

The ultimate TODO app

UPDATE: Bubug hasn’t been maintained for a long time and is now deprecated, sorry. The closest equivalent I have to a TODO application is Wiki-toki, my personal Wiki program. I have been quite frustrated by TODO applications for some months now. They’re usually either too simple, or almost too complex and without features that I think are […]

Why I hate Rubygems

I have always thought that systems should be something integrated. Each “system” has its own conventions, cultural values, etc. and I think you have to respect that. I believe in the Debian way (adapting programs to an integrated system, not just creating a large collection of packages that are identical to the upstream versions), I […]

Typo upgrade

Hey there! I have just upgraded Typo. It was slightly traumatic, because at first the blog broke horribly and I couldn’t see anything other than errors 500. To be fair, the change was quite big, because it included also an upgrade to Rails 2 (I was using some older Typo that used Rails 1.2.x), so […]