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Book review: “97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know”

In the last batch of books I ordered from The Book Depository I had “97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know“. It was a thin book and one of the first to arrive, so I figured it was a good one to start. The book is a collection of 2-page articles about project management. It […]

Facebook and privacy

Over the past few weeks I’ve become increasingly concerned about Facebook. I even considered deleting my account (idea I haven’t really discarded), but the amount of people I’m going to lose contact with is making me hesitate. So, why the concern? I’m glad you asked. You can get a rough idea by reading these articles: […]

Goodbye Typo, Hello WordPress!

As I had mentioned several times, I had been frustrated with Typo. Several bugs or misfeatures that really annoyed me, upgrades that had frustrated me, and sometimes the feeling that more or less visible things were broken from time to time in new releases. And while the upgrade problems were mostly because of the need […]

Typo upgrade

I have upgraded to Typo 5.4.1. Partly because of security issues, partly because of new features and improvements. It took me a while, mostly because of stupid Ruby deployment nonsense that makes me even more tired of Ruby as a language for production usage, than I already was. Oh well. One of the most important […]

Watchmen and the annoying ad

Phew! It has been a long time since I wrote. More than once already, hmmm…. I went to the movies to see Watchmen. I don’t want to spoil, but I think it was a very, very good adaptation of the comic book. Actually, I think it’s the best comic adaptation I have ever seen. And […]

Crappy brochure

I had this pearl saved since I was on vacation in Gran Canaria. It’s a perfect example of a shoddy piece of work when you do things quick & dirty, without wanting to spend money or time to do things properly. I obviously don’t know the circumstances of the company that made this, or its […]

Documentation and wikis

After a couple of (unrelated) recent events, I remembered that some/most people use some desktop “word processor” for writing and maintaining documentation. After years of working with Wikis for virtually all documentation, I have to say that I don’t understand why people still use those dinosaurs. Using a word processor for documentation feels so nineties. […]

Why I hate Rubygems

I have always thought that systems should be something integrated. Each “system” has its own conventions, cultural values, etc. and I think you have to respect that. I believe in the Debian way (adapting programs to an integrated system, not just creating a large collection of packages that are identical to the upstream versions), I […]

GPG confusion

Today I was playing with GnuPG, trying to add a couple of public keys to an “external” keyring (some random file, not my own keyring). Why? you ask. Well, I was preparing some Debian package containing GPG keys for APT repository signing (like debian-archive-keyring and such). The point is, I was really confused for quite […]

Sucky Typo update

The other day I was talking about upgrading Typo. The update itself went well, true, and the site was up and running without too much downtime, but then I started using it again… and I have noticed two things so far (both about writing posts) that I really dislike: First, the good old editor is […]