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Typo upgrade

Hey there! I have just upgraded Typo. It was slightly traumatic, because at first the blog broke horribly and I couldn’t see anything other than errors 500. To be fair, the change was quite big, because it included also an upgrade to Rails 2 (I was using some older Typo that used Rails 1.2.x), so […]

More Haberdasher: testsuites and RemixUI

After porting Haberdasher to Rails 2, I had forgotten to execute all the testsuites I had (unit, functional and acceptance, with Selenium and Selenium on Rails). The bad news is that they didn’t pass. The good news is that it wasn’t such a big problem making them pass again. The functional tests failed because of […]

Haberdasher and Rails 2.0

I’m kind of back to Haberdasher work, so I’m playing again with Rails. However, I’m a very late adopter for many things, and that included Rails because I wasn’t that interested in investing time in learning all the new stuff and porting my applications to the new version. But the universe had its own ideas […]

Haberdasher RSS

Haberdasher has been quite silent in the last months. I wanted to add some things, but I never got to actually devote some time to them, partly because of my work on dhelp. However, yesterday I added something that I wanted to add long ago: some simple changes in the RSS code, to make it […]


As part of my QA work on several projects, months ago I was looking for a continuous integration server. I looked at several, but most of them seemed really scary judging from the documentation. I finally went for CruiseControl.rb, and I have been really happy with it all this time. It’s a really nice, very […]