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Feeling the pressure produces better code?

The other day I was in a conversation with some developer that was complaining about some feature. He claimed that it was too complex and that it had led to tons of bugs. In the middle of the conversation, the developer said that the feature had been so buggy that he ended up writing a […]

Linköping trip

I spent the whole last week (or this week; after all it’s Sunday… and Sunday is obviously the last day of the week, not the first, right?) in Linköping, Sweden. The idea was repeating some Debian course I gave here in Oslo, giving two more talks about automated testing since I was there anyway, and […]

Quality Assurance as a copilot

Those who know me professionally know that I care a lot about software quality assurance. I think it’s a mostly misunderstood field, and generally “the world” would be better off with more QA (and/or better QA). Of course, I’m always looking for more arguments to support my view :-D and the last one I found […]

The Myths of Innovation

That’s the title of a really good book by Scott Berkun, the fella that was project manager for Internet Explorer when it could still be called a browser ;-) The Myths of Innovation is very easy to read, funny and has some food for thought. It dissects a bunch of myths about innovation and innovators, […]

The shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot

I admit it. I’m a terrible developer. I write code, sometimes even write tests. But. I. don’t. test. my. programs. By hand, that is. And sometimes (usually) the coverage is not enough, and I end up making embarrassing mistakes. It usually happens outside of work, although at work I also have my share. The last […]

Work-related news

Some time ago, Opera announced the Opera Web Standards Curriculum project. It’s a very interesting collection of articles that can be used as “curriculum” to learn about web development. It gets extra geeks points for using a Creative Commons license for the articles themselves. Even the W3C mentioned it :-) I just found some time […]

The Big Picture

Lately I have been thinking a lot, not to say “obsessed”, with the big picture. I can’t but wonder if that is a general IT industry problem, that big picture. I mean missing it. My current theory is that computer work is just too hard (or tools not advanced enough?), and there is too much […]