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Book review: Javascript Web Applications

This is my review of “Javascript Web Applications” by Alex MacCaw, part of the O’Reilly Blogger Review Program (in a nutshell: you can choose an ebook from a given selection, and you get it for free if you make a review and post it in any consumer site). It’s a book about using Javascript to […]

First steps with Scala

So I had promised to write a bit more about my initial experience with Scala. Here it is. In my previous post I had explained why Scala in the first place, and I had mentioned that almost all of my knowledge comes from having read a bit of “Programming Scala“. Some of my highlights: It […]

The quest to learn a new programming language

Some time ago I realised I wasn’t all that excited about any programming language. All the languages I knew were, for some reason or another, annoying and I didn’t really feel like having any pet projects. That, combined with the idea that learning new stuff is good, pushed me to try and learn some new […]

Sucky Typo update

The other day I was talking about upgrading Typo. The update itself went well, true, and the site was up and running without too much downtime, but then I started using it again… and I have noticed two things so far (both about writing posts) that I really dislike: First, the good old editor is […]