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TypeScript and new pet project

Around two months ago I started a new pet project. As always, I built it partly to solve a problem, and partly to learn some new language or technology. The problem I wanted to solve was showing images and maps to players when playing table-top role-playing games (and, while at it, manage my music from the […]

Pragmatic Thinking & Learning, Wikis and Javascript

After so much “slacking” (just posting book summaries) I’m trying to go back to regular blogging. Remember my summary of Pragmatic Thinking & Learning? There are many exercises and pieces of advice in that book that I have been trying to practice. One of the things I decided to go for was having a personal […]

Playing around with jQuery

A couple of weeks ago I started a new pet project. Namely, making the ultimate todo list application. The idea was to: Make a TODO application that I actually like (I’ll post about it some other day). Learn Merb and DataMapper… and jQuery. The experience have been roughly half frustrating, half rewarding. It’s fun learning […]