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Arepa – Apt REPository Assistant

For some time now I had been frustrated by the tools to manage APT repositories. The only ones I knew of either covered too little (only adding/removing packages from a repository and such, like reprepro) or were way too complex (like the official tools used by Debian itself). Maybe/probably I’m a moron and I just […]

BCM4312 on Linux: easier than expected

Just a quick post to say that I was being stupid and it took me a couple of days of fighting, lockups and reading to realise that the driver for the wireless card in my new laptop is actually already packaged and it works like a charm. The long(er) story: I bought a laptop with […]

Frustrated by Python module management

I don’t really do any Python development myself, but at work I do support some automated testing infrastructure (in this particular case, I’m talking about a CruiseControl.rb installation), and some of the projects that use that infrastructure use Python. The setup is so that the tests are actually executed in the CC.rb server, so I […]

Dhelp strikes back

In the last days I have gone back to working on dhelp, a Debian package for documentation indexing and search. Months ago I had started rewriting dhelp_parse, the only program in the suite written in C, in Ruby. The rewrite was almost done, but the program wasn’t tested much (some modules had unit tests, but […]