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More work on widgets

As I had mentioned, I had been working on Opera widgets. Some time ago I had seen a great Javascript plotting library for jQuery called flot, and I really wanted to try it out in some “real world” project. As I was working on the World Loanmeter widget, which incidentally uses jQuery too, it was […]

Predictably irrational

I haven’t written in some time, I know. I haven’t done much worth blogging about. Just a new release of the Kiva World Loanmeter widget, and also a couple of things at work that I’ll be releasing soon (including a small tool for managing database changes and some Perl module to parse Debian .changes files). […]

Recent pet projects + Git + Github

I had mentioned that I was learning Javascript to write a Kiva Opera widget. Some time ago I released the first version of my World Loanmeter widget, and I have uploaded two more since. Not much has happened between the first and the third release from the user POV, but a couple of things were […]

Kiva API, Javascript, Git and my first widget, oh my!

About two weeks ago I wrote about Kiva, a cool website that allows people to make microloans. Almost one month ago they had started a developer site, including an easy to use API to access the data (loans, borrowers, lenders, etc). I couldn’t resist the temptation to have a look at the documentation and start […]

Some weeks ago, Steve from Cranium Designs mentioned a website, He linked to a very interesting video that showed how it works, and a couple of things really got me interested: The whole lending-money-to-people-who-need-it (and to whom banks will probably not lend) really attracted me. You help communities develop, and you don’t even lose […]