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Music Explorer

Lately I’ve worked on several small projects, mostly to learn new technologies. The newest one is music-related: a piano that shows scales and chords “in context”, to learn and explore music theory. The idea came about because my first instrument was the guitar, and music theory is pretty hard to make sense of when you’re […]

Pet projects

I’ve been writing several pet projects in the last months. I wrote them mostly to learn new languages, techniques or libraries, and I’m unsure as to how much I’ll use them at all. Not that it matters. All three are related to role-playing games. In case you’re interested: Character suite: a program to help create […]

Javascript for n00bs

Recently a friend asked me for an easy way to learn JavaScript. I can’t remember how I learned myself, but I do remember some things that were surprising coming from other languages, or that I had guessed wrong or took me a while to understand for whatever reason, despite not really being complicated at all. As […]

Exceptions in Node

Whoa, boy. It seems I haven’t written for a good while now. Let’s fix that. One of the things I had in my list of possible posts was my experiments (and frustrations) with Javascript exception classes under Node, so here we go: I needed to have several exception classes in Javascript (concretely, for RoboHydra, which […]

Pragmatic Thinking & Learning, Wikis and Javascript

After so much “slacking” (just posting book summaries) I’m trying to go back to regular blogging. Remember my summary of Pragmatic Thinking & Learning? There are many exercises and pieces of advice in that book that I have been trying to practice. One of the things I decided to go for was having a personal […]

Book review: Javascript Web Applications

This is my review of “Javascript Web Applications” by Alex MacCaw, part of the O’Reilly Blogger Review Program (in a nutshell: you can choose an ebook from a given selection, and you get it for free if you make a review and post it in any consumer site). It’s a book about using Javascript to […]

LeakFeed and <angular/>

A couple of week ago I discovered LeakFeed, an API to fetch cables from Wikileaks. I immediately thought it would be cool to play a bit with it and create some kind of application. After a couple of failed ideas that didn’t really take off, I decided to exploit my current enthusiasm for Javascript and […]

Facebook privacy scanner (ReclaimPrivacy)

Summary: there’s a simple tool that will tell you which Facebook sharing options are “too open” in your account. I’d like you to help me by trying it out and telling me what you think (if you had problems using it, if you would like extra/other information to be shown, if you found any bugs, […]

Recent pet projects + Git + Github

I had mentioned that I was learning Javascript to write a Kiva Opera widget. Some time ago I released the first version of my World Loanmeter widget, and I have uploaded two more since. Not much has happened between the first and the third release from the user POV, but a couple of things were […]