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Personal groupware

Oh, wow. It has been a long while since I wrote anything on this blog. Hopefully I’ll get back in shape soon. This time I wanted to write about groupwares for personal use. As you may know, I had already written a personal wiki, and several weeks ago I started thinking that it would be […]

GTAC (two months late)

It’s been more than two months since the GTAC and I never wrote anything about it in this blog, so I thought I’d write some words so I could cross it off my to-do list. As you can imagine, the conference was great. It was my first big conference and my first time outside of […]

Google translate WTF?

Maybe that’s something you all already knew, and it’s just me that arrived late to the party, but this is hilarious. I hadn’t used Google Translate myself too much (if ever; can’t remember), but the other day someone mentioned some “funny” translations in some internal mailing list at Opera: The first translation is… not correct, […]

Useful spam and Knol

The last days I have noticed that most of the spam I receive has some made up news as subject. I imagine it is to make people click on the messages. The point is that one of those messages was titled “Knol, the Wikipedia killer”, or something along those lines. I didn’t click on the […]