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Tips for writing story-centric RPG scenarios

Inspired by similar articles I have read, I decided to give my two cents on writing scenarios for role-playing games. While I’m far from being an expert in the matter, let alone a half-decent writer, I have written several scenarios that seem to have clicked with some people. These are my principles when writing story-centric […]

TypeScript and new pet project

Around two months ago I started a new pet project. As always, I built it partly to solve a problem, and partly to learn some new language or technology. The problem I wanted to solve was showing images and maps to players when playing table-top role-playing games (and, while at it, manage my music from the […]

Review: Dingoo (A320)

When I mentioned that I wanted an “open” portable gaming console that played PSP games, Enrique mentioned the Dingoo. Not that it actually plays PSP games, but it’s indeed an “open” console, cheap and with a number of “extras”. So I wondered if playing PSP games was so important for me. Not that it wouldn’t […]

Opera Widgets redux

I never liked Opera Widgets too much. I tried them a couple of years ago, but I never saw the point. I even tried the games, but they performed so ridiculously poorly that I just gave up. What did I need them for? Around one year ago, however, I found the first useful widget, a […]

Opera Mini 4.2 (beta)

I have to say I’m impressed with Opera Mini. It’s a very good product that not only is innovative, but also is damn hard to get working decently in a plethora of ill-designed, ill-implemented, crashing-and-burning-at-any-error, incompatible phones. But somehow these guys bring the Internet to everyone that has a mobile phone that supports Java (a […]

Adventures in the Internet

It’s kind of funny. I created a twitter account many months ago. I never really used it, because I guess I didn’t see the point or something. During all that time, several people started “following” me (in twitter jargon), even if I had no content at all, nor plans to add any. Just today and […]