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Book summary: Writing Monsters

This is my (partial) summary for the book “Writing Monsters” by Philip Athans. It’s a book with advice and tips for fiction authors on writing effective monsters for your stories. Instead of following the book structure, I’m going to try to summarise a selection of its ideas. Predictability is the enemy of horror This is by […]

Book summary: 2k to 10k

This is my summary of the book “2k to 10k: Writing Faster, Writing Better, and Writing More of What You Love” by Rachel Aaron. It’s a very short e-book (also available as audio book) with tips for writers. It’s only $0.99 so definitely worth the money and the time if you’re looking for some writing advice […]

Book review: The Road

Lately I’ve been reading a bunch of books that were recommended by Scott Berkun in one way or another. The next book I’m going to review (slide:ology) actually falls into this category too, but basically I’m done with that batch so I’m reading other things now :-D I don’t read that much fiction (except in […]