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The shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot

I admit it. I’m a terrible developer. I write code, sometimes even write tests. But. I. don’t. test. my. programs. By hand, that is. And sometimes (usually) the coverage is not enough, and I end up making embarrassing mistakes. It usually happens outside of work, although at work I also have my share. The last […]

dhelp goes international

Some good news in the dhelp front: after talking to some people and a couple of messages in debian-i18n, dhelp has (hopefully) full support for UTF-8, and two more translations, the first two apart from the Spanish one: Russian and German. It’s really cool seeing some program you have written producing output in cyrillic ;-) […]

Big changes in dhelp

As I said earlier, now the fun stuff begins :-) I have been working with dhelp these days, and there are a couple of things I have changed already: I have dropped support for the dhelp-specific .dhelp files. Now I just use the doc-base information directly (until now, doc-base had to convert its own format […]

Fun with dhelp

I finally uploaded dhelp to unstable, and everything went almost surprinsingly good. The only bugs reported so far are #448211 and #447789. The first one was a silly mistake made by me, in some translation files that aren’t even being used now (that will change in the near future). The second was a bug exposed […]

Dhelp’s new release

Dhelp’s new release is coming along nicely. In the last days I have fixed a couple of bugs in @dhelp_parse@’s rewrite, and I think it’s now ready for upload. The new package closes 28 bugs, which is more than half the current open bugs for the package. I have warned the current maintainer and the […]

Dhelp strikes back

In the last days I have gone back to working on dhelp, a Debian package for documentation indexing and search. Months ago I had started rewriting dhelp_parse, the only program in the suite written in C, in Ruby. The rewrite was almost done, but the program wasn’t tested much (some modules had unit tests, but […]