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Book summary: See What I Mean (II)

This is the second half of my summary of “See What I Mean“, by Kevin Cheng. It covers from chapter 6 until the end. See the first half on this blog. Laying out the comic Once the script is ready, you sketch the comic storyboard to answers these questions: Composition of each panel (where characters […]

Book summary: See What I Mean (I)

Oh, boy. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? This is the first post of the year, and it will be about the first book I’ve finished, “See What I Mean” by Kevin Cheng (which, by the way, I got from O’Reilly’s Blogger Review Program). It’s a book about using comics “for work”, to communicate ideas […]

Book summary: Living with Complexity

This is my summary of the book “Living with Complexity”, by Donald A. Norman (of “The Design of Everyday Things” fame, among others). It’s a book about how it’s wrong to consider complexity (in design) a bad thing. I have skipped a fair deal of the text in the summary, mostly because it wasn’t applicable […]

Book summary: Envisioning information

These are my notes about “Envisioning information” by Edward R. Tufte. It’s not a normal summary because most of the content needs the graphics, plots and figures being discussed. The following notes cover the whole book (six chapters). EDIT: Manuela wrote another, easier to read summary. Escaping flatland The methods in this book work to […]

Sucky Typo update

The other day I was talking about upgrading Typo. The update itself went well, true, and the site was up and running without too much downtime, but then I started using it again… and I have noticed two things so far (both about writing posts) that I really dislike: First, the good old editor is […]