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Book review: The Black Swan

I was recommended this book some time ago by a friend, and after checking the summary I added it to my list of book to read right away. This book is the first book I have tried to read using the “How to Read a Book” method, so take my opinion with an extra grain […]

Book review: “97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know”

In the last batch of books I ordered from The Book Depository I had “97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know“. It was a thin book and one of the first to arrive, so I figured it was a good one to start. The book is a collection of 2-page articles about project management. It […]

Book review: slide:ology

I have to say I wasn’t sure about buying this book, especially after seeing some video on YouTube called “Book Brief”. Fortunately, after mentions in a couple of places I finally decided to go for it. My advice is don’t watch the “book brief” video, and do read the book if you’re interested in presentations. […]

Book review: The Road

Lately I’ve been reading a bunch of books that were recommended by Scott Berkun in one way or another. The next book I’m going to review (slide:ology) actually falls into this category too, but basically I’m done with that batch so I’m reading other things now :-D I don’t read that much fiction (except in […]

An Actor Prepares

I learned about this book when reading “Confessions of a Public Speaker” (see my review). My idea was learning a bit about acting, which theoretically would help me being more comfortable when speaking and would teach me a couple of things about behaving on stage. Not that you can learn a lot of acting by […]

Book review: The Geography of Thought

Some time ago I ordered a bunch of books from Book Depository. One of them was Confessions of a Public Speaker, and another one was The Geography of Thought, a book about the differences between how East Asians and Americans think and behave. The book explores the difference between East and West thinking and how […]