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Arepa – Apt REPository Assistant

For some time now I had been frustrated by the tools to manage APT repositories. The only ones I knew of either covered too little (only adding/removing packages from a repository and such, like reprepro) or were way too complex (like the official tools used by Debian itself). Maybe/probably I’m a moron and I just […]

Linköping trip

I spent the whole last week (or this week; after all it’s Sunday… and Sunday is obviously the last day of the week, not the first, right?) in Linköping, Sweden. The idea was repeating some Debian course I gave here in Oslo, giving two more talks about automated testing since I was there anyway, and […]

Quality Assurance as a copilot

Those who know me professionally know that I care a lot about software quality assurance. I think it’s a mostly misunderstood field, and generally “the world” would be better off with more QA (and/or better QA). Of course, I’m always looking for more arguments to support my view :-D and the last one I found […]

More work on widgets

As I had mentioned, I had been working on Opera widgets. Some time ago I had seen a great Javascript plotting library for jQuery called flot, and I really wanted to try it out in some “real world” project. As I was working on the World Loanmeter widget, which incidentally uses jQuery too, it was […]

My first contributions to CPAN

I have been using Perl for many years, but I had never uploaded anything to CPAN. That’s unfortunate, because I’ve probably written several programs or modules that could have been useful for other people. The point is, now I have. Not only that, but it was code I wrote at work, so if I’m not […]

Opera Unite: another milestone

So we finally managed to get some public release of Opera Unite out of the door. That was a really good thing, first because it’s a very cool idea and we had to let others play with it and make it evolve, and second because it was painful keeping a secret for so long ;-) […]

Predictably irrational

I haven’t written in some time, I know. I haven’t done much worth blogging about. Just a new release of the Kiva World Loanmeter widget, and also a couple of things at work that I’ll be releasing soon (including a small tool for managing database changes and some Perl module to parse Debian .changes files). […]

Free software rocks!

I’ve been working on something lately that I hope I will publish sometime next month: it’s a set of tools to manage an APT package repository. The idea is that, given an upload queue (you can set it up as an anonymous FTP, or some directory accessible via SSH/SCP, or whatever floats your boat in […]

Happy Birthday Opera!

Today Opera turns 15! To celebrate it, there is a lot of stuff going on, like a list of Opera’s most popular innovations. I have to note here that I’m very proud of being part of Opera Link, which is consistently mentioned in the list of innovations. Happy Birthday Opera!

Kiva API, Javascript, Git and my first widget, oh my!

About two weeks ago I wrote about Kiva, a cool website that allows people to make microloans. Almost one month ago they had started a developer site, including an easy to use API to access the data (loans, borrowers, lenders, etc). I couldn’t resist the temptation to have a look at the documentation and start […]