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Unit testing advice for seasoned hackers (2/2)

This is the second part of my unit testing advice. See the first part on this blog. If you need any introduction you should really read the first part. I’ll just present the other three ideas I wanted to cover. Focusing on common cases This consists of testing only/mostly common cases. These tests rarely fail […]

Unit testing advice for seasoned hackers (1/2)

When reviewing tests written by other people I see patterns in the improvements I would make. As I realise that these “mistakes” are also made by experienced hackers, I thought it would be useful to write about them. The extra push to write about this now was having concrete examples from my recent involvement in Tor, […]

My experience writing Opera extensions

Apart from a couple of widgets, I have written two Opera extensions. The first was Show Filtered Content, a proof of concept of how to use the Opera Link API, and OAuth in  general, from Javascript. Now, due to a couple of coincidences (isn’t life all about that?), I decided to write Meme Smileys: a […]

GTAC (two months late)

It’s been more than two months since the GTAC and I never wrote anything about it in this blog, so I thought I’d write some words so I could cross it off my to-do list. As you can imagine, the conference was great. It was my first big conference and my first time outside of […]

Book Summary: Storytelling for UX (3/3)

And this is the last past of the summary of “Storytelling for UX” (first part, second part). In this last part I’ll cover the tips to create stories. At the end I’ll do a mini-review of the book and will add some extra comments. How to create a story Stories have four elements: audience, ingredients, […]

Book Summary: Storytelling for UX (2/3)

This is the second (and longest) part of my summary of “Storytelling for UX” (see the first part). It will cover how to fit stories and storytelling into the UX design process. There shouldn’t be “a storyteller” in the team, as many as possible should be familiar with the technique. Prototypes based on stories allow […]

Book Summary: Storytelling for UX (1/3)

This is book is the first book chosen for Oslo’s UX book club. It was a quite interesting book about using stories and storytelling techniques in different steps of the User Experience design process. The following is the first part of my (long) summary of the book. The summary is mostly intended to remind me […]

From pseudo-code to code

This post is probably not about what you’re thinking. It’s actually about automated testing. Different stuff I’ve been reading or otherwise been exposed to in the last weeks has made me reach a sort of funny comparison: code is (or can be) like science. You come up with some “theory” (your code) that explains something […]

Faster than the fastest

These are interesting times in the browser world: not only there are more browsers than ever, but now even Internet Explorer is starting to become competitive again, so in a year or two it might not even be safe to assume that every other browser is better. Go figure. So anyway, recently Opera released 10.60, […]

Video editing woes

Google Test Automation Conference. In India. Sounds great, doesn’t it? That’s what I thought too, so I applied. For that, though, I had to shoot not only one, but two videos: one explaining the full-length talk I wanted to present, and a video of a lightning talk. As both of them were related to talks, […]