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More Haberdasher: testsuites and RemixUI

After porting Haberdasher to Rails 2, I had forgotten to execute all the testsuites I had (unit, functional and acceptance, with Selenium and Selenium on Rails). The bad news is that they didn’t pass. The good news is that it wasn’t such a big problem making them pass again. The functional tests failed because of […]

Haberdasher and Rails 2.0

I’m kind of back to Haberdasher work, so I’m playing again with Rails. However, I’m a very late adopter for many things, and that included Rails because I wasn’t that interested in investing time in learning all the new stuff and porting my applications to the new version. But the universe had its own ideas […]

Haberdasher RSS

Haberdasher has been quite silent in the last months. I wanted to add some things, but I never got to actually devote some time to them, partly because of my work on dhelp. However, yesterday I added something that I wanted to add long ago: some simple changes in the RSS code, to make it […]


As part of my QA work on several projects, months ago I was looking for a continuous integration server. I looked at several, but most of them seemed really scary judging from the documentation. I finally went for CruiseControl.rb, and I have been really happy with it all this time. It’s a really nice, very […]

Quote (quickie)

Too funny not to share :-) I always thought that Smalltalk would beat Java, I just didn’t know that it would be called ‘Ruby’ when it did. From La Cara Oscura del Desarrollo de Software.

Dhelp’s new release

Dhelp’s new release is coming along nicely. In the last days I have fixed a couple of bugs in @dhelp_parse@’s rewrite, and I think it’s now ready for upload. The new package closes 28 bugs, which is more than half the current open bugs for the package. I have warned the current maintainer and the […]

Dhelp strikes back

In the last days I have gone back to working on dhelp, a Debian package for documentation indexing and search. Months ago I had started rewriting dhelp_parse, the only program in the suite written in C, in Ruby. The rewrite was almost done, but the program wasn’t tested much (some modules had unit tests, but […]

Some haberdasher work

In the last days I’ve had some time to devote to Haberdasher. Finally the domain is up and running (, currenly pointing to the RubyForge project page. I’ve also set up a new screenshot gallery, I’ve the Darcs repository online and soon I’ll have a demo online, so you can try it out. On the […]