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Book summary: Ending Slavery (II)

This is the second part of my summary of “Ending Slavery“, by Kevin Bales. You can read the first part in this same blog. This second part will cover chapters “Rescuing slaves today” and “Home-grown freedom”. Rescuing slaves today In one of the rescue stories, children have been told by their holders that they need to hide […]

Book summary: Ending Slavery (I)

Ending Slavery is a book about modern slavery and the possibility of ending slavery forever. It defines slavery, shows that there is still a lot in this world, explains how it works, why it still exists, why people end up in slavery, and finally it describes a plan to end it once and for all. […]

Book Summary: Storytelling for UX (3/3)

And this is the last past of the summary of “Storytelling for UX” (first part, second part). In this last part I’ll cover the tips to create stories. At the end I’ll do a mini-review of the book and will add some extra comments. How to create a story Stories have four elements: audience, ingredients, […]

Book Summary: Storytelling for UX (2/3)

This is the second (and longest) part of my summary of “Storytelling for UX” (see the first part). It will cover how to fit stories and storytelling into the UX design process. There shouldn’t be “a storyteller” in the team, as many as possible should be familiar with the technique. Prototypes based on stories allow […]

Book Summary: Storytelling for UX (1/3)

This is book is the first book chosen for Oslo’s UX book club. It was a quite interesting book about using stories and storytelling techniques in different steps of the User Experience design process. The following is the first part of my (long) summary of the book. The summary is mostly intended to remind me […]

Review: iRiver Spinn

Last time I travelled by train I was dumb enough to leave my portable music player behind. I tried calling the Lost + Found office, where much more expensive and fancy items had been collected, to no avail. So the search for a new player began. My basic requirement was that it must play Ogg […]

Book review: The Black Swan

I was recommended this book some time ago by a friend, and after checking the summary I added it to my list of book to read right away. This book is the first book I have tried to read using the “How to Read a Book” method, so take my opinion with an extra grain […]

Book review: “97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know”

In the last batch of books I ordered from The Book Depository I had “97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know“. It was a thin book and one of the first to arrive, so I figured it was a good one to start. The book is a collection of 2-page articles about project management. It […]

Book review: slide:ology

I have to say I wasn’t sure about buying this book, especially after seeing some video on YouTube called “Book Brief”. Fortunately, after mentions in a couple of places I finally decided to go for it. My advice is don’t watch the “book brief” video, and do read the book if you’re interested in presentations. […]

Book review: The Road

Lately I’ve been reading a bunch of books that were recommended by Scott Berkun in one way or another. The next book I’m going to review (slide:ology) actually falls into this category too, but basically I’m done with that batch so I’m reading other things now :-D I don’t read that much fiction (except in […]