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Music Explorer

Lately I’ve worked on several small projects, mostly to learn new technologies. The newest one is music-related: a piano that shows scales and chords “in context”, to learn and explore music theory. The idea came about because my first instrument was the guitar, and music theory is pretty hard to make sense of when you’re […]

Gustav Vigeland’s sculpture park

Gustav Vigeland‘s sculpture park in Frognerparken is without doubt my favourite part of Oslo. It’s “simply” a collection of sculptures of people doing different things, but ever since the first time I saw it I fell in love with the park. I have been there many times and I have taken many pictures of the […]

Humans as consumers

This is something I’ve been thinking about for months, but took me a while to give it a shape in my mind and put it into words. I’m not done exploring these ideas, I might write about them again. Edit: forgot to thank Manu for her feedback on a draft of this post. It all started […]

UI “study”: a shower

How hard can it be to figure out how to use a shower? As I found out in my recent trip to the United States, it can actually be quite hard :-) This is a small post about the shower I had to use, pictured below, and some suggestions as to how to improve it. […]

by:Larm 2011

Last Saturday I went to by:Larm, one of the annual music festivals in Oslo. The festival is actually three days, but I only went on Saturday, the last day. There were a lot of bands playing in many different stages at once, so I’m sure I missed some very good stuff (not to mention the […]

Flattr: microdonations rock!

Ever since I discovered Flattr I was really excited about it. Back then it was a closed beta, only-by-invitation service, and I couldn’t get hold of an invitation before they opened it to everyone. Of course I signed up, tried it out and looked for content to “flattr” right away. I think the idea is […]

Not a Number: our first concert

It’s kind of funny how the whole thing started. I had gone to some drum lessons and had an electronic drumkit at home… but hadn’t played that much and didn’t have anyone to play with, so I was worried that I’d lose motivation and drop drumming. So I talked to Chris because he played bass […]

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

This is a quick post to say that I just came from watching “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, played by students of the TITAN theatre school in Vigeland Sculpture Park. It was amazing, probably the most engaging and fun play I’ve seen. Admittedly, I haven’t been that many times to the theatre, but still. The actors […]


Lately I've been eating vegetarian at work. It's been more than one month since I started, and that also included the Christmas Party dinner (wasn't sure about it, esp. after hearing some awful stories about "vegetarian is the same dish as the other one, only removing the meat"; but finally I decided to go for […]

Life in Oslo

WARNING: This is basically a rant. If you don’t agree with me, take my opinion with a grain of salt or send your trolls to /dev/null. Today I read an article, linked by vrruiz on Twitter, called We’re Rich, You’re Not. End of Story.. My first read felt weird, but then I read it again, […]