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My first smartphone

I’m not really a “fancy phone” guy. Actually, some years ago I used to hate mobile phones. Luckily, things have changed, and to make a long story short, I bought a (second hand) HTC Hero after thinking of buying an Android phone for months. My first impression is fairly good: even though it’s the first […]

Facebook and privacy

Over the past few weeks I’ve become increasingly concerned about Facebook. I even considered deleting my account (idea I haven’t really discarded), but the amount of people I’m going to lose contact with is making me hesitate. So, why the concern? I’m glad you asked. You can get a rough idea by reading these articles: […]

Review: Dingoo (A320)

When I mentioned that I wanted an “open” portable gaming console that played PSP games, Enrique mentioned the Dingoo. Not that it actually plays PSP games, but it’s indeed an “open” console, cheap and with a number of “extras”. So I wondered if playing PSP games was so important for me. Not that it wouldn’t […]

Proprietary vs open: a new hope

There is something that has been bothering me for quite a long time now: while I realise that Sony is often evil and proprietary (I mean, come on, memory stick? the horrible, horrible PS2 memory “cards”? the draconian sharing terms for the online PS3 network?), there is something that attracts me to their products. I […]

The ultimate TODO app redux

UPDATE: Bubug hasn’t been maintained for a long time and is now deprecated, sorry. The closest equivalent I have to a TODO application is Wiki-toki, my personal Wiki program. When writing yesterday about the Perl modules, I realised that I hadn’t written anything about the TODO application since “The ultimate TODO app”. Well, a lot has happened […]

Opera Unite: another milestone

So we finally managed to get some public release of Opera Unite out of the door. That was a really good thing, first because it’s a very cool idea and we had to let others play with it and make it evolve, and second because it was painful keeping a secret for so long ;-) […]

Kiva API, Javascript, Git and my first widget, oh my!

About two weeks ago I wrote about Kiva, a cool website that allows people to make microloans. Almost one month ago they had started a developer site, including an easy to use API to access the data (loans, borrowers, lenders, etc). I couldn’t resist the temptation to have a look at the documentation and start […]

Some weeks ago, Steve from Cranium Designs mentioned a website, He linked to a very interesting video that showed how it works, and a couple of things really got me interested: The whole lending-money-to-people-who-need-it (and to whom banks will probably not lend) really attracted me. You help communities develop, and you don’t even lose […]

Irrepressible information

I just remembered something really cool that I had on my previous blog: a small box that shows information that “someone doesn’t want people to read”. It’s part of a brilliant campaign called “Irrepressible info” by Amnesty International. Many of you know that I’m very Amnesty-friendly (“supporter” might be too strong a word, since I’m […]

Spam adventures

Today I have had a gigantic e-mail spam attack. And by “gigantic” I mean something like one every couple of seconds. It seems to have stopped by now, though (maybe until tomorrow, sigh). However, there is some small tip that I used in the meantime, and I have found it helps me filtering spam so […]