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Bye Flickr, hi trovebox!

For some time now I’ve become more and more interested in running my own services and using less and less external services. The latest has been Flickr, which I had been a Pro member of for over 8 years now (yikes!). I used it less and less, and was more wary of uploading pictures to […]

Digital Rights Management on the web

I strongly dislike Digital Rights Management (DRM), and often refuse to buy certain things simply on the grounds of them having DRM. So, what I do have against DRM? For the sake of clarity, I’ll assume we’re talking about videos/films (but all these arguments apply to any kind of content): Any platform (= “device” or […]

Book summary: Coding Freedom

These are my notes for “Coding Freedom“, a sociology/anthropology book that analyses the free software community. You can download it for free from its website, or buy a paper version. These notes cover only the history of free software, which I found very interesting even if I basically knew it already. 1970-1984: The commodification of […]

Personal groupware

Oh, wow. It has been a long while since I wrote anything on this blog. Hopefully I’ll get back in shape soon. This time I wanted to write about groupwares for personal use. As you may know, I had already written a personal wiki, and several weeks ago I started thinking that it would be […]

Writing music, printing .gpx files

UPDATE 2012-10-27: I have updated the .gpx viewer to recognise silences! Download the updated version. Note: if you’re only interested in printing .gpx files, download and follow the instructions in the README.txt file. I have been playing with my last band for over half a year now. From the beginning the idea was to write […]

Humans as consumers

This is something I’ve been thinking about for months, but took me a while to give it a shape in my mind and put it into words. I’m not done exploring these ideas, I might write about them again. Edit: forgot to thank Manu for her feedback on a draft of this post. It all started […]

LeakFeed and <angular/>

A couple of week ago I discovered LeakFeed, an API to fetch cables from Wikileaks. I immediately thought it would be cool to play a bit with it and create some kind of application. After a couple of failed ideas that didn’t really take off, I decided to exploit my current enthusiasm for Javascript and […]

Book Summary: Who are we — and should it matter in the 21st century

This is my summary of the book “Who are we — and should it matter in the 21st century”, by Gary Younge, about identity and nationalism in a globalised world. This time, instead of following the structure of the book, I’m going to do something similar to what Josh Kaufman does with his summaries: extract […]

Humble Indie Bundle #3

I had seen the Humble Indie Bundle before, but it wasn’t until HIB #3 that I decided to actually buy it. I learned about it through the Electronic Frontier Foundation (who else!), and some of the games looked neat. Of course, all of them have a native version for Linux and there is no DRM […]

Facebook privacy scanner (ReclaimPrivacy)

Summary: there’s a simple tool that will tell you which Facebook sharing options are “too open” in your account. I’d like you to help me by trying it out and telling me what you think (if you had problems using it, if you would like extra/other information to be shown, if you found any bugs, […]