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GPG confusion

Today I was playing with GnuPG, trying to add a couple of public keys to an “external” keyring (some random file, not my own keyring). Why? you ask. Well, I was preparing some Debian package containing GPG keys for APT repository signing (like debian-archive-keyring and such). The point is, I was really confused for quite […]

Linux video editing and YouTube annotations

In my recent trip to Copenhagen, I recorded a small video of the subway (it’s really cool, because it’s completely automatic, it doesn’t have drivers or anything). I wanted to edit the video to remove people that were reflected on the window, so I wondered if I could do that on Linux. I imagined it […]

Free Software rocks

I just read in Aaron Seigo’s blog a very nice message from a user that proves that free software is making a difference in many areas, even in some that we don’t usually think about. Some quote: I cant tell you how much I appreciate the work you all have done. Its a work of […]

dhelp goes international

Some good news in the dhelp front: after talking to some people and a couple of messages in debian-i18n, dhelp has (hopefully) full support for UTF-8, and two more translations, the first two apart from the Spanish one: Russian and German. It’s really cool seeing some program you have written producing output in cyrillic ;-) […]

One Year!

Today I have been one year working in Oslo! Yay! So far the experience has been quite good, so I’m staying here for some more time still. I’ve also slowly becoming kind of active again in Debian (especially helping dhelp), although I admit not being very active in any other software project (Haberdasher feels kind […]

Big changes in dhelp

As I said earlier, now the fun stuff begins :-) I have been working with dhelp these days, and there are a couple of things I have changed already: I have dropped support for the dhelp-specific .dhelp files. Now I just use the doc-base information directly (until now, doc-base had to convert its own format […]

Fun with dhelp

I finally uploaded dhelp to unstable, and everything went almost surprinsingly good. The only bugs reported so far are #448211 and #447789. The first one was a silly mistake made by me, in some translation files that aren’t even being used now (that will change in the near future). The second was a bug exposed […]

Dhelp’s new release

Dhelp’s new release is coming along nicely. In the last days I have fixed a couple of bugs in @dhelp_parse@’s rewrite, and I think it’s now ready for upload. The new package closes 28 bugs, which is more than half the current open bugs for the package. I have warned the current maintainer and the […]

Dhelp strikes back

In the last days I have gone back to working on dhelp, a Debian package for documentation indexing and search. Months ago I had started rewriting dhelp_parse, the only program in the suite written in C, in Ruby. The rewrite was almost done, but the program wasn’t tested much (some modules had unit tests, but […]