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Book summary: Coding Freedom

These are my notes for “Coding Freedom“, a sociology/anthropology book that analyses the free software community. You can download it for free from its website, or buy a paper version. These notes cover only the history of free software, which I found very interesting even if I basically knew it already. 1970-1984: The commodification of […]

Personal groupware

Oh, wow. It has been a long while since I wrote anything on this blog. Hopefully I’ll get back in shape soon. This time I wanted to write about groupwares for personal use. As you may know, I had already written a personal wiki, and several weeks ago I started thinking that it would be […]

Arepa – Apt REPository Assistant

For some time now I had been frustrated by the tools to manage APT repositories. The only ones I knew of either covered too little (only adding/removing packages from a repository and such, like reprepro) or were way too complex (like the official tools used by Debian itself). Maybe/probably I’m a moron and I just […]

Slides for several talks now published

I had said that I was going to publish the slides for a couple of talks I had given over the last couple of months, and I just got around to actually do it, so here they are: Software automated testing 123, an entry-level talk about software automated testing. Why you should be doing it […]

Linköping trip

I spent the whole last week (or this week; after all it’s Sunday… and Sunday is obviously the last day of the week, not the first, right?) in Linköping, Sweden. The idea was repeating some Debian course I gave here in Oslo, giving two more talks about automated testing since I was there anyway, and […]

BCM4312 on Linux: easier than expected

Just a quick post to say that I was being stupid and it took me a couple of days of fighting, lockups and reading to realise that the driver for the wireless card in my new laptop is actually already packaged and it works like a charm. The long(er) story: I bought a laptop with […]

My first contributions to CPAN

I have been using Perl for many years, but I had never uploaded anything to CPAN. That’s unfortunate, because I’ve probably written several programs or modules that could have been useful for other people. The point is, now I have. Not only that, but it was code I wrote at work, so if I’m not […]

Free software rocks!

I’ve been working on something lately that I hope I will publish sometime next month: it’s a set of tools to manage an APT package repository. The idea is that, given an upload queue (you can set it up as an anonymous FTP, or some directory accessible via SSH/SCP, or whatever floats your boat in […]

Photo management applications

It’s been a couple of years now since I have been a digiKam user. I have been mostly happy with it (actually I don’t even use a lot of its features as my needs are not particularly advanced), but from time to time the Flickr would fail for no reason. Some time ago I needed […]

The shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot

I admit it. I’m a terrible developer. I write code, sometimes even write tests. But. I. don’t. test. my. programs. By hand, that is. And sometimes (usually) the coverage is not enough, and I end up making embarrassing mistakes. It usually happens outside of work, although at work I also have my share. The last […]