Book summary: El enemigo conoce el sistema

This is the first part of my summary for the book “El enemigo conoce el sistema” (“The enemy knows the system”) by Marta Peirano. It’s a Spanish book about power, manipulation, and the internet.

This post will cover the main ideas in the book (translated to English). They are reordered and grouped in headings, for easier scanning and to make them easier to understand in context. See the list of ideas in the original Spanish. Upcoming posts will cover my full notes of the book, also in the original language.


The current dystopia and social media

Technology to fight evil

Social customs


Propaganda y populism


If you can read Spanish, I strongly recommend this book. It doesn’t necessarily say a lot of new things if you are as obsessed as me about privacy and such, but it does an excellent job putting things into context and making a summary of how we got here, the current situation, and the problems we face.