Arcon 2018 and new scenario

Last Sunday I went to Arcon, a gaming convention in Oslo. There are many types of games being played, but I only care about story games. This year I didn’t win the scenario award, but I had a lot of fun! I had three different sessions, all the same day:

  • A demo of Black Wolf, my rules to play in dark fantasy settings.
  • A game of Ribbon Drive.
  • A game set in Michael Moorcock’s Young Kingdoms, using the Black Wolf rules and my scenario “Ilmioran Dream”.

For the first one no one had signed up so I assumed no one would come. However, I showed up and waited for a bit, and a person came! We had a very nice conversation about the system, design decisions, and he gave me a couple of ideas. So, much better than I expected.

The second one went pretty well, too. Six people came so we split into two tables. As one of the attendees had played before, we decided to be one in each table so I didn’t have to check the other one from time to time. That means that I got to play, not just “facilitate” the game!

The third one was the long session (5 hours). It was narrating “Ilmioran Dream”, a scenario I had written about racism and power plays, using the Black Wolf rules. Only three players ended up playing (out of four characters in the story) but it was really fun! I think the players liked both the story and the system, so I cannot complain.

All in all, a very intense and fun day.