A year of Elm

It hasn’t quite been one year since I wrote the first post on Elm, but it’s not that far off and the title was clearer that way. In this time I have written three programs in Elm, each one more complex than the last:

  1. Client for the catalogs generated by cataloger. My RPG resources catalog is an example of the result.

  2. Prexxer, a “Dress-up” application to combine sprites and create characters. You can see the code on GitHub.

  3. NARROWS, a storytelling system halfway between online role-playing games and improvised Choose Your Own Adventure books.

The first one was useful to get to know (and love) Elm, and of course to get my RPG resources catalog online. With the second I learned about Elm ports (the interface to interact with JavaScript) and got a bit more comfortable with Elm. With the last one, the only one that has a back-end (written in ES6, though; Elm is only for front-end), I learned how to structure big applications in Elm, how to use the excellent ProseMirror, and how to use much more complex Elm ports.

What I like about Elm

What I don’t like about Elm


I’m really happy I gave Elm a try almost a year ago. Although I’m looking forward to going back to ClojureScript for some project, I really, really enjoy Elm, and it has almost become my defacto front-end language/framework.