My first Arcon

Arcon is a gaming event in Oslo with board games, card games, miniature games, role-playing games, and other activities, and I attended this festival for the first time this year. I was curious about attending such a festival, and I wanted to play some more RPGs and see how it was to play with people you just met. Also, as there was a competition for the best scenario, I decided to submit one I had written but not played yet. It was short and simple, and thus fairly appropriate for playing in a festival.

The scenario was set in the world of Elric and Stormbringer by Michael Moorcock, a (dark) fantasy world much closer to Game of Thrones than to the stereotypical fantasy role-playing games (sadly) most people expect. I don’t want to spoil anything here in case you want to play it but if you want to read it you can download the full version of my scenario “The Merchant”.

Unfortunately I was there only one day so I didn’t see much, but I won the scenario competition (see here, in Norwegian though!) and got, among other things, a gift card with which I bought myself Fiasco, a game you could say is about collaboratively making up and telling your own Coen Brothers-style film; and Rory’s Story Cubes, a set of dice with pictures that can be used as an improvisational story-telling game, as a tool for story brainstorming, etc. As a funny note, the shop inside the festival gave the attendees a discount: they could choose between 20% or roll 4D8 and get the result as a % discount. Although I only got to play my own scenario and one game of the Small World board game I can say that all in all it was a pretty fun experience for me. Will probably go back next year.