Role-playing games and drawing

In the last couple of months I have become obsessed with role-playing games again. I used to play a lot in my teens and some in my early twenties, and then completely stopped until around one year ago. Some months ago I decided to be the narrator (as opposed to regular player) and the obsession kicked back in grin. The game I chose was Call of Cthulhu, partly because I was familiar with the setting (stories written by H.P. Lovecraft set in the 1920s) and with the rules, and partly because I think it’s a very flexible game, as in you can centre the games on combat, on investigation, or, my favourite, on emotional tension and social interaction between characters.

In any case, all this Call of Cthulhu, the 1920s and such sparked my imagination and served as a pretty good inspiration to draw characters, different expressions and poses, clothes, hairstyles, etc. As you may know I’m still trying to learn how to “draw properly”, meaning something better than stick figures, so I need the inspiration and the practice. I’ve been drawing a lot lately and finally I decided to make a website with my drawings so that I can see how I improve over time. Some of my favourite drawings follow, but you can see all of them in the new http://drawings.hcoder.org.

[caption id=”attachment_1747” align=”aligncenter” width=”431”]Cthulhu-inspired drawings Cthulhu-inspired drawings[/caption]

And finally, if you’re interested in trying out role-playing games and Call of Cthulhu in particular, Chaosium has published a quick-start guide for the upcoming 7th edition of the game that you can download for free from their website!