Trying out Colemak (keyboard layout)

So on Sep 14th someone shared a link to this amazing game, Biolab. The game is not that amazing by itself, but its pretty impressive that its built with web standards (HTML5 and Javascript). No flash or any other plugins required. And if you’re impressed by that, the level editor showcased in the making-of video will totally blow your mind.

But I digress. After playing the game a bit, I had a look at the author’s blog and found an entry about an alternative keyboard layout, Colemak. As the blog author, I hadn’t tried Dvorak because it looks so hard to learn and I wasn’t sure how much it was going to change my typing experience. I mean, look at it, it feels totally “upside down” coming from QWERTY/QWERTZ (where else can you come from?).

I would normally totally ignore that post, but some claims made me very curious:

Although I’ve only been using it for a week and I still suck at it, my impressions so far are:

The only downside so far is that using vim felt just too hard (for starters, I couldn’t use hjkl for moving anymore, and I didn’t feel like relearning the editor really), so I decided to try and learn Emacs. That is, I’ll try to keep vim as my QWERTY editor and Emacs as my Colemak editor. Let’s see how that will work out.