YAPC::Europe 2008

It’s funny. One month ago, I had never been to Copenhagen. I had two weeks of vacation, so I spent a couple of days there and got to know the city. A couple of weeks later, I’m back in Copenhagen for the YACP::Europe 2008.

In short, the talks were good. Not fantastic on average, but good. In particular, Damian Conway’s Keynote on Thursday morning was really funny, and had food for thought. It was about contexts and the Contextual::Return module (BTW, does anyone know which system he uses for the slides?). Wednesday’s keynote by Larry Wall was about Perl 6, a bit too much into details. It had some interesting ideas about programming language extensibility, but it was a bit too much for a Wednesday morning (without much sleep). Prophet (“a grounded, semirelational, peer to peer replicated, disconnected, versioned, property database with self-healing conflict resolution”) looks really cool, I’ll see if I can have a look soon. Also some ideas about QA and automated testing, to think about, explore, and share with other people.

Many of the lightning talks were very very funny. One of the funniest was the talk about implementing lolcode in Perl6. Really impressive when you think about it, and really funny too. Others, like the Trailer Theory from Adam Kennedy were very funny too.

All in all, we had a really good time, we learned some things, we have some things written down to investigate later, and we met some new people. Yay for the YAPC::Europe!